For the years we have been in business, we have made sure to maintain quality in our services and products. We make promises that we know we will keep. We aver made sure to hire only qualified staffs, all who are experts in their areas of expertise. You can be sure to get all your AC and related services with us. Following are some of the services we offer.

Air Conditioning :

An air conditioner works through the principle of evaporation. It uses a refrigerant, which is a liquid that evaporates easily and takes away heat in the process. The process is complicated but uses a simple principle. For this to happen, an air conditioner is necessary. It has many parts, all which need to be working and coordinating accordingly. We offer all air conditioners installation services. Our air conditioners are of high quality and have been certified. We also make sure to perform regular visits, to make sure the air conditioner is working appropriately.

Our work
We provide AC tune-up service

As part of the program, if your AC system needs a repair, we diagnose the problem free of charge and give you best service at reliable rates. Also provide AC tune-up services.

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Customer satisfaction

Our focus is to create a long term service relation with our clients and and enjoy a good reputation among our clients for our capable services.

emergency services

Contact us today to solve any type of AC & tune-up issues and get fast and best result. We are also available for emergency services.

System Maintenance :

We offer maintenance services for all HVAC system components. They include :

Heat pumping systems – Heat pumping system mechanically transfer from one place to another. They are comprised of many parts, all which need frequent maintain. We provide maintenance for geothermal and air heat pumps. We also check for any faulty or malfunctioning pipes.

Air Conditioners – We replace or refill the refrigerant liquid. We check the power system and the thermostats, to make sure they are working fine by the end of the service, we ensure the air conditioner supplies clean air into the house.

Boilers and furnaces –There are a lot of thermal operations that go on inside a boiler or a furnace. A boiler practically burns fuel, heating the water inside the drum. The water is then circulated to the needed areas by means of pipes. Boilers are subjected to a lot of heat and are bound to run faulty soon enough. We fix all kinds of boilers. We also fix any broken pipes supplying the heated water.

Thermostats – Thermostats regulate air conditioners. They determine whether the air conditioner will cool the air around or heat it. If a thermostat is faulty, the whole air conditioning system fails. We always make sure to check and ensure a thermostat is working accordingly.​

Repairs and installations – We are the company to call for any installation or repair you need in AC and related services. Our team of experts is familiar with any AC installations.We also repair all devices running on old and modern AC technology. You do not have to worry about having faulty AC systems fixed for you when you have hired us. We also ensure that our installation has been done according to the international guiding rules and regulations. We also stick to deadlines and respect the privacy of your home.

For any of HVAC systems installations, maintenance and repairs, we have got the solutions. You can contact us whenever it is convenient for you.